We’re lead-generation and online marketing experts

There’s nothing that grows an established business faster than more leads, sales, and clients. The internet allows businesses like yours new methods to generate high-quality leads. You just need to know how to attract their attention.

Our clients depend on us for one reason: our job is to grow each client’s business. Our results, case studies, and testimonials tell the whole story.

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We’re your one-stop marketing department

We only take on clients where we feel our team’s personality and expertise will “play well” with your staff. Bringing your company explosive results requires a fun, fast, and results-driven culture of collaboration.

We encourage daily communication but it is not required. You’re welcome to talk with us anytime you have a question, want to discuss a new idea, or just need someone to point you in the right direction. And best of all, you won’t need to worry about paying per 15-minute increment for our advice!

We combine your industry expertise with our marketing know-how to form an unstoppable team.

Your growth is our only goal

Tall Cube is only as good as the results we bring our clients. The outcomes of our engagements are easy to measure, track, and analyze by design. Our results are black and white. You’ll have no question if our services are worth the money.

We’re proud to say that 95% of our clients choose to keep working with us after their first year.

Our deepest joy is watching each client’s business grow faster than expected. We take great care to protect your investment, and as a result, approach your challenges and goals as our own.

Meet Our Team

We built Tall Cube to grow your business through more clients, leads, and sales.

  • Brand Experts
  • Web and Marketing Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Programmers & Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists

… and one rock star Account Manager

Valerie Edmon

Founder with 14 Years of Client Success

Valerie is proud to have raised revenue for over 100 small and medium sized companies throughout her career. Her history as an online development and marketing expert began in the dawn of the new millennium. Valerie’s expertise, leadership, and managerial finesse has advanced in lock-step with modern technology.

Understanding Your Buyer’s Perspective

Valerie traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to complete her Masters of Education. She taught in local schools for two years before moving back to California to launch her marketing career.

Valerie’s background working with people of all ages and cultures cultivated a deep understanding of people’s needs, fears, and objections.

Wes Barton

Strategist Focused on Your Marketing ROI

Wes began his marketing career while attending university for computer science and finance. His first independent project was in user acquisition for LivingSocial. The result: over 42,000 new user accounts in just six weeks.

Wes focuses on three areas of your business: raising your customer lifetime value; lowering your cost of customer acquisition; and planning and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

Combining Psychology with Data Analysis

Marketing should not be an expensive or risky endeavor. Instead, Wes follows a methodology whereby you conduct many small and inexpensive marketing tests. The best campaign is the variation statistically proven to generate the most sales or qualified leads for your business. His emphasis on rapid market testing leads to consistent and scalable marketing campaigns.

Sarah Lopes

An Account Manager That Understands Your Goals

Sarah focuses on your core business goals and doesn’t distract herself with vanity statistics. She knows that views aren’t sales and your real goal is sustainable revenue growth. Sarah coordinates with you and Tall Cube’s creative team to make your business objectives a reality.

Keeping Your Projects On-Time and Under-Budget

Sarah cut her teeth working within production crews on feature films. She worked her way into commercial video shoots for Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola and Target. She’s led product and teams for internet entrepreneurs that scaled into millions of dollars in yearly revenue.

Tall Cube Philosophy

Marketing is Science

We don’t guess or hope for results. Instead, we create success through experimentation. The scientific method guides our decisions while crafting your new marketing strategy.

Sales Over Aesthetic

Your marketing has one job: deliver interested and qualified leads. You can measure your marketing’s value by your company’s growth.

“Likes” are Not Leads

Never confuse popularity with revenue. We focus on delivering leads — not boosting social media numbers.

Data Beats Opinion

Changes in web design or sales copy will impact conversion rates. Controlled experiments allow our team to determine which changes produce positive or negative results. Our final designs are often the result of many small tests.

Research Before

The fastest way to improve your results is researching your audience. Speak to your readers “in their own voice”. It’s a secret shortcut to higher conversion rates.

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