Nowadays it’s just about expected that every company has a business blog in order to share content and provide transparency. Most companies blog to increase traffic and generate leads. But there are hidden benefits to blogging you may be unaware of. Take a look at these three added bonuses of blogging that might help motivate you to kick your company blog into gear.

1. Attract Better Customers

A blog is a great place to share your voice and convey your unique value proposition. By targeting your ideal customers through your blog, you will actually turn away those prospects who aren’t a good fit for you. Instead, you’ll create a filter that only allows qualified leads to actually make it to your contact form.

2. Eliminate Sales Objections

Your blog lets you show your authority, share your experience, and build trust and credibility. Before your prospects ever even make it to the start of your sales process, you’ve already proven to them that you’re worth it. They know exactly what you have to offer and they trust that you’ll deliver.

3. Raise Your Prices

Yes, your blog is that valuable. Through your blog, you can prove to your prospects that they no longer have to shop around because they found exactly what they are looking for and the perfect vendor for the job. By proving without a doubt that you are the best choice, you no longer have to differentiate on price and can sell the value you have to offer.