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The Challenge

Our Client: Tall Cube was tasked with improving sales for an eCommerce health supplement company’s probiotics subscription product. The product is sold on a monthly subscription basis starting at $50/month and delivered to the customer’s home every 30 days.

Our Mission: Raise total subscription sales while also reducing customer acquisition costs through direct advertising.

Tall Cube developed marketing strategies that:

  • Raised subscription conversion rates
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs
  • Improved advertising ROI across all channels


Order Page Conversion Rate

The previous subscription sales page held a stable
conversion rate of 0.70%. Our improved sales page
converted at 7.24%


Click-Through To Order Page

Our new landing page raised clicks to the product’s
order page by 15%.


Revenue Per Visitor

Revenue per visitor (EPC) grew 11 times compared to
the original pages. This allowed our client to profitably enter new advertising opportunities.

The Solution

We start by poring over Google Analytics, heat maps, previous split test results, and advertising metrics.
Every new piece of information — even metrics on failed campaigns — helps our team find the fastest
route to improving sales.


Problem:The original landing page did not focus on buyer benefits. Instead, the website’s copy discussed scientific details of probiotics in unnecessary detail.
Solution:Tall Cube rewrote all sales copy from scratch. We showed visitors every possible upside they would have when using probiotics each day. Additionally, we highlighted health risks the reader unknowingly took by not balancing their digestive health. This combination of risk / reward created a strong incentive to act immediately.


Problem: Product pages were difficult to read on mobile devices. Mobile users regularly swiped past text-heavy segments that contained influential sales copy. These visitors continued to the order page and promptly left because they were not convinced to buy in time.
Solution: A landing page redesign improved the legibility of sales copy on mobile devices. Important sales arguments grabbed the reader’s attention even when swiping through the page.


Problem: Previous advertising campaigns did not meet baseline performance metrics required to meet our client’s target cost of customer acquisition. Existing CPC costs were too high to turn a positive ROI for the client.
Solution: Rapid testing and creative prototyping allowed Tall Cube to quickly find ad styles that created high interest with low costs. Those visitors were then sent to the subscription product’s landing page and converted into new subscribers on their first visit.

Tall Cube has a certain kind of magic in the pacing, the availability, and the way in which they open their web minds to you and allow your ideas, needs, and wants to step in. Then, they get the job done.

I could not be more satisfied. I think the hardest part of hiring someone to basically get the job you have in your head done, is to keep the feeling alive that your vision is valid and can be done, and then sharing it without going crazy. There could be negotiations- will the communication be clear enough for you to get your vision out and into action? You have no idea if what you want is something that is possible, or perhaps how to do it in the way you are thinking of.

Tall Cube helps keep things simple and to the point, which is like direct link to success for anyone’s vision.”

By Steven C.


Tall Cube lowered the client’s customer acquisition costs and optimized their advertising campaigns to the extent that their subscription product became profitable for the first time.

Tall Cube helped our eCommerce client:

  • Dramatically increase conversion rates
  • Reduce their cost of customer acquisition
  • Create a positive-ROI direct-response advertising campaign
  • Gain and retain thousands of subscribers

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