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The Challenge

Our Client: ICE Pest Control is a regional business located in the greater Toronto area. The firm wanted to create lead generation campaigns focused on driving phone calls from new residential customers. All paid traffic campaigns ran on search traffic within Google AdWords.

Our Mission: Tall Cube sought to improve the conversion rate and overall ROI of the client’s lead generation campaign. Our goal was to generate more qualified and profitable phone calls.

Tall Cube developed marketing strategies that:

  • Tripled click-to-call conversion rates
  • Improved page load times by 500%
  • Allowed the client to profitably outbid direct competitors


Click-to-Call Conversion Rate

Our new web design and copywriting structure improved call rates by over 200%. Overcoming buyer objections was key to improving call rates.


Call Quality

Optimizing landing page sales copy developed more well-informed callers who knew exactly what to expect when ordering pest control services from our client. Phone operators spent less time answering questions and instead focused on fulfilling service call requests.


Local Phone Calls

Our client avoided wasting their ad budgets by only buying clicks from internet users within their local geographic region. Optimizing bid position and conversion rates allowed our client to capture a large share of all available leads from their local market.

The Solution

Optimizing and scaling ICE Pest Control’s customer acquisition campaign was dependent upon three factors: copywriting, technology, and media-buying.


Problem: ICE Pest Control’s visitors were clicking on their ads but quickly leaving the website without calling. A high bounce-rate cost our client substantially in two ways: the direct opportunity cost of missing a sale and the unitary cost-per-click per wasted visitor.
Solution: Tall Cube determined that a new approach to the landing page’s sales copy was needed to boost conversion rates. New visitors were experiencing pest issues but did not feel a sense of urgency or dire motivation to solve their problem immediately. Our new sales copy pushed “fence sitters” into a state of action, created a strong incentive to act immediately.


Problem: High cost-per-click bids and low conversion rates made acquiring new customers via AdWords an expensive process. We anticipated that improving the campaign’s performance would dramatically improve our client’s break-even CPC bid.
Solution: Tall Cube increased the efficiency of each advertising dollar through optimizing the media-buying elements of the client’s campaign. We found that the new click-to-call conversion rates allowed our client to bid more aggressively and profitably. Our client’s link now profitably sits above their competition.


Problem: Our client’s landing page was difficult to read on mobile devices. Many visitors hit the back button before the entire page loaded. Technology oversights had lost our client’s would-be customers and increased their advertising costs.
Solution: Tall Cube’s technical team developed an entirely new landing page for ICE Pest Control. The new page loaded quickly, displayed all sales copy in a clean and legible manner on mobile devices, and had an easy-to-click “Call Now” button at the top of the user’s screen.

Tall Cube has a certain kind of magic in the pacing, the availability, and the way in which they open their web minds to you and allow your ideas, needs, and wants to step in. Then, they get the job done.

I could not be more satisfied. I think the hardest part of hiring someone to basically get the job you have in your head done, is to keep the feeling alive that your vision is valid and can be done, and then sharing it without going crazy. There could be negotiations- will the communication be clear enough for you to get your vision out and into action? You have no idea if what you want is something that is possible, or perhaps how to do it in the way you are thinking of.

Tall Cube helps keep things simple and to the point, which is like direct link to success for anyone’s vision.”

By Steven C.


ICE Pest Control’s new visitor-to-caller conversion rate rose to a reported 35% to 40% (including desktop traffic). High call rates put their campaign ahead of all competitors, and business grew significantly.

Tall Cube helped our client:

  • Triple incoming phone calls
  • More than double advertising ROI
  • Create a website that works with modern mobile devices
  • Out-bid competitors and capture the local market

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