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The Challenge

Our Client: LivingSocial sends millions of people daily emails with promotional offers for local businesses. Groupon has been LivingSocial’s largest competitor for years, and the two internet companies are locked in a never-ending battle for market share.

Our Mission: Create a positive-ROI user acquisition for LivingSocial’s new international brand: LetsBonus. 100% of incoming traffic would be sourced through direct advertising campaigns as LivingSocial’s internal marketing team managed all organic traffic. Tall Cube had a strict cost of user acquisition target from the start of the project.

Expansion Countries: Argentina, Chile, United Emirates (Dubai), Portugal, Spain, Italy, Lebanon

Tall Cube developed marketing strategies that:

  • Acquire users profitably across several languages and cultures
  • Manage performance across 7+ time zones
  • Track the interactions between visitor demographics, ad creatives, time of day/week, and landing pages.
  • Analyze the hundreds of variable combinations that would influence overall ROI.


Conversion Rate

Our direct-response ad campaigns were directly responsible for 42,000 new accounts.

Users at 50%

of Target Cost

Paid traffic was highly optimized. We acquired new accounts for as little as 20% of the several country’s target CPA / CAC.

High Quality


Nearly all of our incoming users were over the age of 30. LivingSocial wasn’t paying for cash-strapped teenagers or college students.

The Solution

This project demonstrates the merits of data analysis. Without emphasizing rapid testing and experimentation, we would have never been able to reach such high performance metrics. Installing proper data tracking software is key to building a deep understanding of your user acquisition process, costs, and bottle-necks.


Problem:Finding advertising opportunities with a high chance of converting new accounts inside LivingSocial’s target CPA was difficult. Proven media buys and search terms were prohibitively expensive. We were forced to find untapped sources of converting traffic.
Solution:Tall Cube created statistical models that evaluated the break-even point of paid traffic campaigns across many channels. Our analysis examined display, social, search, and mobile ad platforms. We were able to fast-track the testing process by focusing only on advertising channels most likely to produce profitable results for the client.


Problem: Campaigns did not perform equally across all times of day. Additionally, each day of the week influenced both advertising CTRs and landing page conversion rates. To further complicate the issue, campaigns ran in as many as seven simultaneous time zones, each with their own unique behaviors.
Solution: We optimized ad budgets to avoid wasting money during the frequent-yet-consistent under-performing hours of each day. We developed a deep understanding of when and where LivingSocial’s ads would produce the highest ROI.


Problem: LivingSocial’s existing landing pages and offers cover a wide range of products, services, and industries. Creatives spanned across fashion, technology, restaurants, spa treatments, and vacation destinations.
Solution: Our data-driven methodology produced user acquisition campaigns that far exceeded LivingSocial’s expectations. Advertising performance data was structured such that we accurately measured the ROI of each combination of: ad creatives, visitor demographics, and ad expenses. Then we tracked how each of the previous inbound traffic combinations converted across many landing pages.

Tall Cube has a certain kind of magic in the pacing, the availability, and the way in which they open their web minds to you and allow your ideas, needs, and wants to step in. Then, they get the job done.

I could not be more satisfied. I think the hardest part of hiring someone to basically get the job you have in your head done, is to keep the feeling alive that your vision is valid and can be done, and then sharing it without going crazy. There could be negotiations- will the communication be clear enough for you to get your vision out and into action? You have no idea if what you want is something that is possible, or perhaps how to do it in the way you are thinking of.

Tall Cube helps keep things simple and to the point, which is like direct link to success for anyone’s vision.”

By Steven C.


LivingSocial’s international expansion acquired 42,000 new users at a fraction of their budgeted acquisition costs. This campaign took place during a ten week period. Our work directly contributed to LivingSocial’s international expansion.

  • Acquire 42,000 new users in ten weeks
  • Reduce budgeted user acquisition costs by 50%
  • Expand into several international markets at once
  • Attract high-quality users with disposable income

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