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The Challenge

It’s hard to sell products or services that are rooted in hard-to-understand scientific processes. Try to avoid getting tied up in abstractions and theory. Simplify your sales argument to focus on the benefits to increase your sales.

The Product: Tall Cube’s proven marketing optimization results attract the attention of direct-response marketers. We help these firms improve their advertising performance and boost their bottom line. This case features an all-natural supplement that helps students and professionals boost their concentration.

Our Mission: Our goal was simple: improve ROI on direct advertising campaigns. Our client’s pre-existing paid traffic campaigns ran on Facebook Ads with poor results.We needed to revamp their advertising strategy towards generating profitable ad-driven sales. The client would grow their ad-buying operation if our campaign delivered.

Tall Cube’s marketing strategies helped our client achieve:

  • 80%+ lower customer acquisition costs
  • 10x more clicks to product purchase page
  • 20x higher earnings-per-click


Increase in Sales

Our optimized sales page out-sold the original by over twenty times. New sales copy exploded our client’s sales.


Click-Through To Order Page

Almost one-in-five website visitors clicked to the order page. Visitors were much more interested in the product.



Online advertising campaigns that once lost money became profit centers for our client. New advertising opportunities helped grow sales even further.

The Solution

We start by poring over Google Analytics, heat maps, previous split test results, and advertising metrics.
Every new piece of information — even metrics on failed campaigns — helps our team find the fastest
route to improving sales.


Problem:The original landing page did not focus on buyer benefits. Instead, the website’s copy discussed scientific details of probiotics in unnecessary detail.
Solution:Tall Cube rewrote all sales copy from scratch. We showed visitors every possible upside they would have when using probiotics each day. Additionally, we highlighted health risks the reader unknowingly took by not balancing their digestive health. This combination of risk / reward created a strong incentive to act immediately.


Problem: Our client’s product demanded a long copy format. Readers did not buy this type of product often, and questions needed answers before buying. This resulted in long, dense pages of text for mobile readers.
Solution: Rather than ask readers to read a mountain of text one line at a time — and lose their attention in the process — we encouraged skimming. Important phrases stood out inside paragraphs while scrolling down the page.


Problem: The sales website was hard to use on cell phones. Yet traffic statistics showed that most visitors were using iPhones and iPads. The web page was often illegible without manual scrolling and resizing.
Solution: We developed a new mobile-responsive website for the client’s product. Prioritizing Apple devices improved our bounce rate, conversion rate, and landing page CTRs.

Tall Cube has a certain kind of magic in the pacing, the availability, and the way in which they open their web minds to you and allow your ideas, needs, and wants to step in. Then, they get the job done.

I could not be more satisfied. I think the hardest part of hiring someone to basically get the job you have in your head done, is to keep the feeling alive that your vision is valid and can be done, and then sharing it without going crazy. There could be negotiations- will the communication be clear enough for you to get your vision out and into action? You have no idea if what you want is something that is possible, or perhaps how to do it in the way you are thinking of.

Tall Cube helps keep things simple and to the point, which is like direct link to success for anyone’s vision.”

By Steven C.


Our optimized page was split-test against the client’s original website over 66,391 ad-driven clicks. Our sales funnel out-performed the original by over 20 times.

Tall Cube helped our client:

  • Raise ad-driven sales 20x
  • Increase sales through better copy
  • Lower customer acquisition costs by 80%
  • Profitably expand into new advertising opportunities

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