We believe that the key to consistent marketing results is a reliable methodology.

The process below has been used to successfully double, triple, and quadruple growth for businesses just like yours. Tall Cube uses the following steps with all of our clients. This discovery process ensures that we ask the correct questions and find many ways to improve your leads, sales, and revenue.

Determine your goals

The first step is defining your fundamental business goals.

What business objectives are you trying to satisfy by improving your marketing strategy?

Examples of underlying goals:

  • Improve your lead quantity and quality
  • Convert more visitors into leads
  • Identify and remove misunderstandings surrounding your product or service
  • Better understand your visitor's objections
  • Reduce new client onboarding timeline
  • Create an automated marketing system

Who are your visitors

Researching your visitors, especially people who don’t become leads or customers, is the best way to improve your marketing results.

The more we know about your website’s visitors, the better we’ll be able to predict which changes and tests will create the largest positive effects for your company.

Example Visitor Research Points:

  • Your current traffic sources
  • Visitor Behavior & Page
  • Identifying unexpected patterns
  • Categorize visitor intentions
  • Visitor Mindsets, Place in Funnel
  • New vs Repeat Visitors
  • Keyword Analysis
  • What are your visitor's objections?

Find and fix technical problems

Technical problems often stop client websites from working properly on many visitor phones, laptops, and desktop computers. We regularly improve client revenue with technical solutions.

  • Does your site load correctly in the browsers your visitors use?
  • Do your pages load fast enough?
  • Is it easy for users to navigate through your site and know what they need to do?
  • Is your copy clear or confusing?
  • Are your forms easy to use?
  • Do your users encounter error messages that confuse or deter them?

Identify your weak (or missing) links

Your website may be missing core marketing functionality that’s keeping you from reaching your goals.

Once we understand who your visitors are, what they’re looking for, and how your service stacks up against the competition, then we’ll start talking about creating new programs.

Possible new marketing programs:

  • Retargeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Refer-A-Friend Programs
  • Automated Follow Ups
  • Data Capture & Lead Magnets
  • Crafting Unique Offers
  • Prompting Clear Calls-To-Action

Design Marketing Experiments

At this point we’ll have a solid grasp of how your business is perceived by your potential clients or customers.

We’ll use this information to create a series of marketing experiments to test our ideas. This process is rigorously tracked, and we’ll gather critical data that shows the difference in visitor behavior across different versions of your website.

Our experiment selection is prioritized according to three questions.

  • How likely is it to impact your business?
  • How difficult is the test?
  • Has this idea worked before?

Launch tests and
analyze your results

Our experiments take time to collect results. On average, it takes between one week and a month to collect statistically-significant data. This timeline varies depending on the size of your change in results and your website’s traffic volume.

All of our results — positive or negative — are rigorously tracked with unique software.

After each round of experiments, our team will discuss the following:

  • Was the experiment a success? If so, what was the net impact?
  • Do the results provide any new insights into your audience’s behaviour?
  • What is the next set of experiments?

Repeat and scale

A single positive result is great — but 100% to 300% growth success stories are the result of several successful marketing experiments over time.

Each round of marketing experiments gets you closer to maximizing your marketing. Please know that while our marketing optimization process is extremely consistent, it typically takes several months to achieve significant and stable growth in your leads, sales, or revenues.