Anna Colibri provides top notch digital marketing and copywriting services that are unparalleled. Our goal when redesigning her website was to create a powerful conversion machine – a site that conveyed her expertise and authority in her field to her potential clients in a language and visual format that moved them to take action. The result is a super clean, super intuitive conversion machine with calls to action at every stop.

“Valerie, from Goose Dog Designs, is a great web designer.
Why? Because she understands that, today, professional web design requires an understanding of marketing and the online marketing ecosystem. She created, with her team, a custom web design for my small business that has already helped the business grow while enhancing my professional appearance online.
I was one of those people who decided she could build her own website, but, after two years in business, I came to understand the true value and importance of excellent website design and SEO.
I decided I needed to hire an expert who would not only create an amazingly well-constructed site, but also consult with me through the process to create the kind of site that would attract and impress new clients and subscribers.
As soon as the site launched, clients and friends loved it. One new client, during our initial interview, used the phrase, “while I was enjoying your website” to describe her user experience. How often do you hear that someone is enjoying the experience of a website? Usually people just grab the information they need and go.
Valerie created a memorable experience for a potential client while, of course, ensuring that my portfolio and writing samples look great. She sets the standard for beautiful and functional web design.
She will work with you to make sure that your website functions as the hub of your online marketing strategy. Your website will boost your confidence because you will know that you have, not just a brochure, but a true marketing tool that you can leverage to build your business.
Not only that, but Valerie makes sure you understand how to blog, how to use social media, and how to turn your visiting traffic into loyal customers.
For web projects that require great design, marketing know-how, SEO, and analytics, Valerie is the go-to.
I highly recommend her.”
– Anna C.