Sarah Bashford is an absolutely brilliant designer. So when she came to us for a full website redesign to celebrate her newly launched company, Bashford Design, we couldn’t have been more thrilled and honored to be a part of it.

For obvious reasons, a designer’s website needs to be stunning. Our goal for this project from a design standpoint was twofold – and those two folds were conflicting! First, we wanted to strip away as much as we could to show off Sarah’s portfolio. In that sense, we were going for a minimalist design with little more than grey, black, and white to distract from her gorgeous images. But second, we wanted to highlight Sarah’s personality so that her voice and character came through in the design. Sarah is highly accomplished and professional, but we felt her real selling point is her edge – she is witty and sharp with a wicked sense of humor.

We managed to accomplish our goal by adding a few fun bells and whistles to the site design and interface while still keeping her work front and center. Check out the fun lighting effect on the home page and the parallax scrolling that reveals images of her designs behind the page copy.