JCO Studios, a photography and videography studio in San Francisco, is owned and run by Jeremy Cortez, an old and close friend of the Goose Dog pack. Jeremy’s gift as a photographer (besides being technically brilliant at his trade) is his ability to make a photo shoot fun for anyone, even those who hate to have their photograph taken. We wanted to show his winning personality and cool, calm demeanor off and showcase his gift front and center on his new, redesigned website.

To do this, we used a muted video background on his landing page so that prospective clients could see for themselves how enjoyable it would be to work with Jeremy. By overlaying his three major service areas on the landing page background, we immediately segment his target markets and direct them to appropriate portfolios where they can get to know his work. The site design is purposely minimal to showcase the photographs and videos themselves with minimized distraction.

Update: When Jeremy came to us with news that his business model had evolved to focus on business branding, events, and headshots, we helped to target his new market by redesigning his landing page. With strong calls to action that direct prospects down an intuitive funnel towards his lead capture form, we were able to increase both the quality and the quantity of leads.