The most common question I’m asked by new clients when first discussing a web design project is why the websites in our portfolio all look so different. The answer to is simple.

When we design a website, we are creating a piece of marketing collateral. It is a living, breathing, dynamic, beefy one, but a website is indeed a powerful piece of collateral nonetheless. And just like any other marketing campaign, the purpose of the website is to attract and convert new leads into buying customers. The purpose of the website is not just to be pretty. A website is not just a work of art. Or is it?

Our philosophy at Tall Cube is that we reject the notion that a web designer must choose between form and function. We are of the firm belief that we can have our cake and eat it too. In fact, we hate that metaphor because cake is delicious and what on earth is the point of it if not consumption?

A great designer can walk the line between form and function. A great designer can create a website that tells a story, that builds authority, that earns trust… and that inspires clicks, that moves leads down your sales funnel, that ultimately generates revenue for your company.

The websites in our portfolio all look different because each one represents the unique marketing goals of their respective owners. No two clients of ours have the same story to tell, the same unique sales proposition, the same specific goals for their marketing collateral.

Each of our clients chose us to design their website because we have the expertise to create something that not only appeals to their target market’s aesthetic sensibilities, but that also compels them to take action.

We give our clients cake and we let them eat it too.