You have looked at your website about a thousand times. Your next best customer may see it for the first time today. Is he or she in awe of the design they see? Or are they frustrated, confused, or otherwise not convinced that you are the perfect solution to their problem?

Here are some simple ways you can truly target your ideal prospects to grow your business.

Evaluate the Power of your CTAs

The call to action (CTA) has the power to turn a casual online browser into a potential hot lead. Do you have one or more CTAs? If your lead conversion is low, there is likely a problem with your calls to action. Place one on every page and do not be afraid to play around with colors, sizes, and messaging variations. A/B testing will help you to discern which are more effective than others.

Make Contacting You Easy

Most websites include a contact page. Unfortunately, this page is not always easy to find nor does it always maximize conversion. Give your prospects an easy way to find your phone number or email address and even better, allow them to contact you with a tap of their mobile phone screen by hyperlinking both.

Add the Wow Factor

If you have tweaked your CTAs and are confident in their performance potential, tip the scale in your favor by showing off your professionalism and authority in your industry with professional graphic design and consistency in your branding across your entire website. If you have it in your marketing budget, hire a professional web design and development team that specializes in branding and lead conversion. The ROI on a marketing website strategically designed to convert leads can be huge.